• Mark Smith

    President & CEO

    Coming Soon!

  • Marvin Dashney

    Operations Manager

    Born and raised in rural Saskatchewan, Marvin has run construction companies all over Western and Central Canada for 40 years. He started out in the concrete business as a young man, then moved to the framing side of the industry before ultimately combining the two in the late 1980’s because this allowed him to take on large residential projects. His experience has taken him all over Western and Central Canada, and even the high arctic on a very diverse variety of projects. Marvin is the guy with his finger on the pulse of all the sites. He is a hands-on guy who can still be found helping to pour concrete or fixing equipment when needed, because he is old-school and knows the schedule is important and the job absolutely has to get done (and because he genuinely enjoys being part of the process and getting his hands dirty).