Smith Built believes in the vision of the finished product.  We have the foresight, talent and experience required to overcome structural and cosmetic difficulties.  We’ve accomplished this in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Renovations can feel like they are living, breathing job sites.  Each one takes on a life and personality of it’s own as you open up walls and ceilings and see what’s underneath.  Our staff has the diverse skill sets that are needed to tackle the wide range of underlying challenges you encounter daily on such projects.

Blueprints are created before walls and ceilings are opened up and you have access to the full picture.  Sometimes it’s impossible to build exactly what’s on the blueprints.  When theory meets reality, reality wins 100% of the time.  These problems can often be solved by our experienced staff who can present as-built designs to architects and engineers, saving the client expensive design fees.

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