We are blessed with high quality, qualified staff that are capable of doing everything from the most simple grade beam to the most complicated multi level structures, and everything in between.  Part of our concrete system includes owning our own Doka system and self erect crane which helps promote greater job efficiency.   Having our own rebar division gives us greater flexibility to help control our own destiny and maintain tight schedules.

Some of our latest projects have included forming, pouring and finishing:

  • 100,000 sq ft plus parkades in Edmonton, Calgary and Regina.
  • Infrastructure
    • sewage lift station
    • schools
    • sidewalks
    • water tanks
    • retainng walls

Our flatwork division’s portfolio also includes driveways, sidewalks, piles, smaller grade beam projects etc.

  • Fontaine Bleu

  • Superstore

  • Queen

  • Parliament